VTuber Stream Etiquette

Started as a digital trends in mid-2010s, VTuber (also known as "virtual YouTubers) industry have been growing rapidly. Our goal here is to provide etiquette information and explore "unwritten" rules in the VTuber community. Please remember that each VTuber has their own chat rules.

The Short Version (Credits: Lyger)

  • Have common courtesy

  • Have common sense

The Long Version

  • Have common courtesy

Interacting with VTubers: Enjoy the stream in whichever way you want. We all get excited when we see a VTuber play a game we like. Talking about the gameplay is fine and lurking is fine. Just be aware that some VTubers are not okay with backseat gaming. Remember VTubers are also people so they have feelings too.

Stay on topic. Stream chat is solely about the stream and the VTuber. Staying on the topic means not mentioning other streamers, sharing unrelated stories, or spamming.

Chatting with the viewers: Focus on enjoying the stream together, similar to attending a concert. We cheer together, and it is absolutely okay to ask others in chat for help! As for spamming and trolling, feel free to ignore them or report them.

If you want to chat with other viewers, there's a free chat waiting room on their YouTube channel. Or, you can engage in more extended conversations in Discord communities.

By the way, you can join 4V Live's Discord here!

  • Have common sense.

VTuber "IRL" Identity: VTubers are characters on-stream and people off-stream. Please respect their privacy, and do not pry into their identity and personal life. If you see suspicious activity, please report it to the VTuber or their respective company's website. 

Memes: Learning and using memes may enhance your experience with the community. However, different communities have different memes, so don't be surprised if the VTuber doesn't understand your memes. Keep in mind spamming memes is disruptive to both the audience and the streamer.

Conclusion / TL;DR

This etiquette gives you a quick onboarding on what to expect as a new viewer. Having common sense and common courtesy go a long way. Immerse in this culture and share with your friends!

Special thanks to the original author, Lyger. Written with permission.