Statement from 4V Live

Updated: 5 days ago

We acknowledge that an auditionee we were in negotiations with last year has made a public grievance about their audition experience with 4V Live.

We are sorry to hear they had such an unpleasant experience as we are constantly working to ensure our talent feels supported and respected.

Our agency was founded on the basis to provide a platform that works in the best interest of the VTubers. Since our inception, we have aimed to transform the virtual entertainment industry by pursuing measures that emphasizes the talents' needs. Our goal remains to work closely with our talent to assist, improve, and maintain mutual agreements.

We want to clear up any miscommunication after learning someone has a bad perception from a 4V Live orientation.

We welcome all questions and comments, so please contact us on Twitter @4VLiveOfficial.

We wish success for all Vtubers and believe there is space for everyone to excel in this growing community.

Thank you.

Chris Padilla

VP of Marketing, 4V

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