[Press Release] 4V Live adds an experienced Talent Manager and an Advisory Chairman

Seasoned Team Additions for New Digital Media Agency

San Diego, CA: 4V, Inc. announced the appointment of Jane Lee as the Head of Talent Management of 4V Live, and Chang Park as the Chairman of the Board of Advisors.

Jane Lee will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day business affairs of the virtual talents Vivian Voss, Orion Juno, and Angelina Kumalo, and counseling the talents concerning long-term plans and other professional matters. Before joining 4V Live, Jane has experience in esports team management in South Korea and the United States with companies such as T1 (formerly known as SK Telecom T1).

“I am truly honored to be part of this new journey with 4V Live.” said Jane. “I am excited to expand into uncharted territory and be a part of creating wholesome content in the global market.”

Chang Park is currently the CEO of PLS CPA, a full-service accounting firm that provides traditional accounting, auditing, and tax services. His firm has spent over 20 years focusing on delivering superior, customizable services to businesses and professional practice owners.

“We are fortunate to have Jane join our team and excited to see her assist our VTubers, also known as Virsonas. We know she will be the lead needed to ensure an open atmosphere for content creators,” said Chris Padilla, Vice President of Marketing at 4V Live. “Chang is a great asset to help advise and ensure we make the best business and financial decisions for the company.”

About 4V Live

4V Live is a US-based virtual entertainment company specializing in providing talents with a platform so that they can entertain, educate, or inspire with their artistic expression, primarily through live streaming as VTubers. Our mission is to democratize the business of the entertainment industry for content creators.

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