4V Live Members
"4V" stands for "For Virtual content creators."

We seek to transform the virtual entertainment industry by providing the talents with extensive content freedom, the ownership of the character, and the "creator-first" mentality in everything we do.

Vivian "Viv" Voss
"You think you can keep up?"

Vivian, as the gang-leader of the bike gang Vixens, has always been a troublemaker. Ever since Vivian was born, she was always causing havoc. You could find her destroying anything in sight and starting fights...

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Orion Juno
“In the depths of your darkest hour, a warm and guiding light emerges from the fog...”

Orion is a spirit guide, born from the yearning of humans for inner peace during their darkest moments. As Orion approaches, one will feel the embrace of a warm light, but in order to accept her guidance, one must draw out deep emotions and traumas they may not be ready to face.

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Angelina "Lina" Kumalo
"Hot single fish girls in your area
want to talk to you"

A lionfish whose wish came true when a mysterious god turned her into a human. She was raised by an old married couple when she washed ashore on a tropical island as a young child. Since then, she has grown up and traveled around the world to land up in America!

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