Assistant Talent Manager

What is 4V Live?

4V Live is a US-based virtual entertainment company specializing in providing talents with a platform so that they can entertain, educate, or inspire with their artistic expression, primarily through livestreaming as VTubers. "4V" stands for "For Virtual content creators."​ 4V Live's mission is to democratize the business of the entertainment industry for content creators, and we believe that the content creators should have the right to radical freedom of speech and access to ethical business support. For additional information, please visit Our Story page.

Simply put, we are a VTuber startup created for VTubers.

Assistant talent manager is essential in communicating with the VTubers on a daily basis. The talent manager stands between the design staff, system staff, distribution staff, goods staff, sales staff, marketing staff, and 4V Live VTubers to make various adjustments. The assistant talent manager will work with VTubers directly, under the supervision of the head of talent management. Training will be provided.

Position: Assistant Talent Manager / VTuber Manager


Overview / Responsibility:

  • Operational direction of VTubers (also known as Virsonas)

  • Virsona/VTuber budget management

  • Assist in VTuber audition

  • Equipment support, troubleshooting, distribution planning support

  • Schedule and goal management

  • General support for Virsonas as needed, including assisting in content creation

  • Coordination between Virsona/VTuber and the person in charge of each department

  • Tracking and reporting of engagements and analysis across all platforms


  • Preferred 1-2 years of professional experience (one of the following)

    • A manager of live streamers, YouTubers, influencers, etc.

    • Sales experience

    • Video editing experience

  • Excellent written and verbal communication, presentation, and editing skills

  • Excellent copywriting skills

  • Impeccable organizational skills, with ability to multi-task and keep projects prioritized

  • Reliable internet access

  • Attention to detail

  • Strong analytical skills for evaluating and identifying the right hardware, software, and platform

  • Open to learning more or being “already passionate” about the VTubing community

Strongly Preferred:

  • Bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university and/or 2+ years of professional experience in social media

  • Experience using Adobe Photoshop and other graphic design tools

  • Knowledge of anime, VTubing, and/or livestream community


  • Negotiable: Monthly rate or hourly rate (please choose your preference).

  • Market+10%, depending on the candidate's geographical location, expertise, and experience.

    • We will use or equivalent platform.

  • In rare cases, some candidates may qualify for stock compensation instead.

  • For legal and tax purposes, candidates accepted from the outside of the United States will be considered independent contractors.

Net Profit Sharing: “When the company does well, so will you.” 7-10% of the net profit gets shared annually amongst all team members

Role Type:

  • Full­-Time (35+ hours per week)

  • Part-Time (less than 30 hours per week)

  • Per-Project

IMPORTANT: Please include which role type(s) you are interested in when applying!

While we prefer those with relevant experience, we accept entry-level resumes as well. We're looking for smart and determined individual with passion.

This is a REMOTE position. With the freedom to work from home (or anywhere else), you also have to bring your own computer, and the position is constrained for someone working during the US Eastern Standard Time (EST) time zone.

Experience and skills are essential, but we hire personality/cultural fit. We are passionate and hard-working. Our values include "Determination, Effort, Perseverance," "Seek to understand," and "We're in it together." We're not afraid to fail because we are always learning, always improving. This website looks the way it is because the founder made it. And he still works a full-time corporate job and currently has $15,700 in student loans (accurate as of April 18th, 2021).

How to Apply: Please send your resume and work examples/link of your portfolio (if available) via email to with the subject line “VTuber Talent Manager”

We’ll try our best to respond to all serious applications, but we might not be able to, depending on the volume, as we are currently NOT using any AI technology or software, but reading each emails individually. Thanks for your understanding and we look forward to your applications!