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"4V" stands for "For Virtual content creators."

We seek to transform the virtual entertainment industry by providing the talents with extensive content freedom, the ownership of the character, and the "creator-first" mentality in everything we do.

Vivian Voss
Orion Juno
Angelina Kumalo
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VTuber Auditions
Status: CLOSED

Are you an aspiring VTuber with something to share with the world and make art? We will work with the talent to create a new Virsona™, not a pre-made character, to fit their wants and needs individually.

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Jobs / Volunteers
Status: OPEN

4V Live was created from the VTuber community in an effort to help better serve current and future VTubers. We are "Virsona™-First" agency– join us to help further our mission together!

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Statement from 4V Live

We acknowledge that an auditionee we were in negotiations with last year has made a public grievance about their audition experience with...